85204 - ECHO/PULSE - “This Echo Desktop is not authorized for use with this smartpen.”

When I dock my smartpen and run Livescribe Desktop I am getting the message "This Livescribe Desktop is not authorized for use with this smartpen."

If you see the message: 

"This Livescribe Desktop is not authorized for use with this smartpen."

...when you dock your smartpen and run Livescribe Desktop, the smartpen you docked is registered to a different email address than the one that Livescribe Desktop is currently authorized to (for more information please see 80302 - What does it mean when I "Authorize Livescribe Desktop"?).

This protection is in place to prevent unauthorized access to a user's data in case their smartpen is lost or stolen and someone else tries to transfer the data to another computer.

When this happens three options are presented:

  • De-Authorize Livescribe Desktop
  • Erase Smartpen 
  • Charge Only

NOTE: Do NOT click "Erase Smartpen" if you want to keep your data.  The erase option completely removes all notes and sessions stored on the smartpen.  

De-Authorize Livescribe Desktop
There are two scenarios where "De-authorize Livescribe Desktop" would be an appropriate option:

  1. The authorized user installed Livescribe Desktop on one computer (at work for example), created a user account, and registered the smartpen.  The user then installed Livescribe Desktop on a second computer (at home for example), created a new (different) email account without realizing it, and docked the registered smartpen.  The notification message is presented.  In order to log out of the new email account in Livescribe Desktop and log in using the original email account, the "De-authorize" option must be used.  NOTE: Windows Users - The "De-Authorize Livescribe Desktop" button does not become active until the smartpen is un-docked.
  2. Multiple owners of smartpens registered with different email addresses are docking all smartpens to a single computer using the same Windows or Mac sign-on (e.g. a high school, a home environment (mother, father, and kids), etc.). In this situation the "De-authorize" process will need to be used each time a different smartpen is docked.  As an alternate method, create a Windows or Mac sign-on for each user and log into and out of Windows or Mac each time a different user wants to dock a smartpen.

    Erase Smartpen
    If you have purchased or been given a smartpen that was previously registered by a different user, the "Erase Smartpen" option will erase all of the data as well as the registration certificate that is stored on the smartpen.  

    The smartpen may still be registered on our web servers though.  Until it is de-linked from the previous user's email account you will not be able to register.  

    If the previous user has not already de-linked the smartpen, please direct them to 20250 - ECHO/PULSE - Removing a registered smartpen from the Livescribe database (selling or gifting an Echo/Pulse smartpen).

    Charge Only
    This option keeps the smartpen charged for use, but does not allow data to be transferred to Livescribe Desktop.
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