85902 - ECHO/PULSE - Recovery mode

What is Recovery Mode?

With the release of Firmware Version 2.9.12, we have incorporated a new "Recovery Mode" that prevents the smartpen firmware from locking up into an unrecoverable state.  In some isolated instances,  the smartpen will detect an issue that requires it to go into Recovery Mode.  Should this occur, you'll see "Recovery" displayed on your smartpen display.  When the smartpen is in recovery mode, you cannot use the smartpen.  You must either power cycle your smartpen (by pushing the power button) or you can master reset the smartpen by using the Smartpen Flashing utility.  Should you power cycle, your smartpen should restart normally.


29006 - ECHO/PULSE - ECHO DESKTOP USERS - Windows Master Reset firmware update utility


29106 - ECHO/PULSE - ECHO DESKTOP USERS - Mac Master Reset and firmware update

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