40546 - AEGIR – Memory Capacity


What is the memory size of the Aegir smartpen and how many note pages can it store?


Enough to keep you writing non-stop for 1200 A4 pages.

The pen capture all your written notes on its own and stores it securely in its 128MB internal flash storage. An active Bluetooth connection is not required to capture your notes. Charged pen and a Livescribe notebook is all it takes for you to write digital.

When next connected with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, the smartpen automatically syncs all your notes to the Livescribe+ app on your smartphone or tablet. Unless cleared manually, the pen will always store the digitally captured notes in its internal storage and will sync it to all the devices that it connects with.

Please see the process of freeing up memory indicated on the following link:40548 - AEGIR – Freeing up memory space

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