82200 - Evernote Basic, Evernote Premium, and Livescribe wifi smartpen upload limits

What are the Evernote Basic, Evernote Premium, and Livescribe wifi smartpen data upload limits?

Below are some details on the Evernote and Livescribe wifi smartpen limits.

Account Limits:

There are no online storage limits for your Evernote account; however, Evernote does limit the amount of new content that can be uploaded in a single month.

Evernote has two primary options for customers: 

  • Evernote Basic is free and includes up to 60MB of monthly upload capacity for any type of content, whether photos, videos, documents, emails or web pages.
  • Evernote Premium is $45 a year and includes up to 4GBs of monthly upload capacity for any type of content, whether the content is photos, videos, documents, emails or web pages.  With Evernote Premium, you'll also have the ability to take notebooks offline, create collaborative notebooks and view note history. 

You can use either Evernote Basic or Evernote Premium with the Livescribe wifi smartpen.

With the purchase of a Livescribe wifi smartpen, customers receive the Livescribe Edition of Evernote.

  • Livescribe Edition of Evernote is free and gives consumers an additional monthly upload allowance of 500MB just for the content created with the wifi smartpen.  For the maximum number of recording hours and number of pages that can be uploaded at the 500MB limit, please see 20314 - Quality Compression storage rates on the smartpen and monthly Evernote upload limit.  

    For example:  You have a free 60MB Evernote Basic account.  You link your new wifi smartpen to Evernote during registration which gives you another 500MB specifically for smartpen uploads.  During the first month you upload 510MB of data from your wifi smartpen but do not upload any non-smartpen content.  When you look at your Evernote Monthly Usage you will see 10MB used (60MB minus the 10MB over the 500MB smartpen limit) and 50MB remaining before you reach your monthly limit.  

    NOTE: Smartpen usage will not be tracked by Evernote until you exceed the 500MB limit.  

For greater upload limits see 82205 - Increasing Evernote upload limits.

For questions on file size limits see 82202 - Evernote file size limits.

For additional information on Evernote cloud synchronization storage, please see Evernote's Overview of Account Data Limits and What is an "upload allowance?"

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