80701 - LIVESCRIBE 3/WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Copying templates or slideshows over Livescribe dot paper

Can I copy templates or slideshows over Livescribe dot-paper and still have my smartpen recognize the dots on the paper when I write?

You can print or photo copy templates or slideshows onto Livescribe dot-map paper, whether it is paper removed from a Livescribe notebook or it is paper from a dot-map notepad printed from our web site - http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/support/wifi-smartpen/howto/print_dot_paper.html - or printed using Echo/Livescribe Desktop (80700 - ECHO/PULSE - Printing dot map notepads/notebooks using Echo/Livescribe Desktop).

Keep in mind that:

  1. The phophotocopier should be set to black and white using high quality (such as Original Dot Matrix).
  2. The template or image you printed over the paper will not appear in Livescribe+ (Livescribe 3), Evernote (wifi smartpens), or Echo/Livescribe Desktop (Echo/Pulse smartpens).
  3. You should avoid writing on the template or image that was copied to the paper.  If you take notes outside of the blank area(s) on the paper, those notes may not be recorded by the smartpen where the dots on the paper were covered by the template or image.

NOTE: Using a highlighter will not affect the smartpen.  It will still recognize the dots under the highlighted areas as long as they are not covered by a template or image.

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