82301 - Browsers supported by Livescribe Player

What are the browsers that Livescribe Player supports?

The Livescribe Player application used to access your notes from: 

  • Livescribe PDFs created by Livescribe+ (Livescribe 3 smartpens)
  • Livescribe PDFs created by Echo Desktop (Echo and Pulse smartpens)
  • Notes synced with Evernote (Sky/wifi smartpens) 

…is compatible with the following browsers:

The latest versions of…

  1. Google Chrome (PC or Mac), Chrome for Chromebook, Chrome for Android
  2. Apple Safari
  3. Internet Explorer

NOTE:  Firefox uses an open source audio solution called Ogg Vorbis, so it isn't able to play back the more advanced .m4a files used in Livescribe PDF files. Please use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or other major browsers to listen to a pencast on the web.

If you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer is your default browser, Internet Explorer 10 (or higher) is not supported on this operating system. In order to view a Livescribe Player page on XP, change your default browser to Chrome or Safari if already installed.  If not installed, after installing and running Chrome or Safari you should be prompted to make it the default browser.

Mobile Device Browsers

Because of the number of mobile devices available and variety of browsers that can be used on them, Livescribe Player only supports the default browser that was installed on your device when you purchased it.  If you have switched the default browser and are having trouble using Livescribe Player, switch the default back to the original browser and your pencasts should play normally.

EXCEPTION:  Some customers using Android devices that don't natively play pencasts have reported using the Dolphin browser as a work-around.

If you are using a compatible browser (default for tablets/phones) but are having an issue viewing your notes in Livescribe Player, please see 84300 - Troubleshooting Livescribe Player.

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