26011 - WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Smartpen not showing a full charge

My smartpen is not showing a full charge even after leaving it docked to the charging cable for several hours / overnight.

When you turn your computer on and connect your smartpen to the charging cable that you have plugged into the computer USB port, the smartpen OLED screen should light up and display the shapes of a battery and a lightning bolt while it charges.  If you do not see this display please reference 26001 - My smartpen does not charge when I dock it to the charging cable.

If the display does light up and you have left the smartpen connected to the charging cable for 2.5 hours it should show a full charge when you tap the "battery" button on the inside front cover of your notebook.

If the smartpen does not show a full charge then: 

  1. Make sure the USB charging cable is plugged into a USB port directly on your computer, not a USB hub, docking station, keyboard, or monitor port.
  2. Make sure your computer is turned on or the smartpen will not charge.
  3. Verify your computer does not power down during the charging process due to your power settings.  Power settings can be adjusted for Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows, 7, and Vista by going to the Control Panel Home view and selecting "Hardware and Sound > Power Options".  From Vista Classic View select "Power Options".  For Windows XP Category View select "Performance and Maintenance > Power Options".  For XP Classic View select "Power Options".  For Mac (Intel based) OS 10.5+ select "Apple (icon) > System Preferences… > Hardware - Energy Saver > Battery".
  4. Make sure your system stays on while leaving the smartpen docked for 2.5 hours.  Otherwise the smartpen will not fully charge.

If you have confirmed that your computer did not power down while the smartpen was charging, please let us know.

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