160511 - Using OneNote with Livescribe+ for iOS

To use the OneNote share feature in Livescribe+ for iOS, you must have a Microsoft account established.  To create a Microsoft account, please access:


Once established, you can access the OneNote Web App after clicking the OneNote icon on this page:


…and logging in with your Microsoft account.

If you are interested in Office 365 Home or Personal, you can sign up for one of these by accessing the link http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/buy/compare-microsoft-office-products-FX102898564.aspx.  The options are located on the left side of the page.

NOTE: Office 365 Business Essentials, Business, or Business Premium are not supported by Livescribe+.

Set up

To set up OneNote in the Livescribe+ app:

  1. Start Livescribe+.
  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap “Settings > Cloud Services > OneNote > Account > Sign In”.
  4. Enter your Microsoft account User Name and password (if you haven’t logged in before, you will be prompted to access your email to activate the account). NOTE: Office 365 Business logins will not be accepted.  These are in the format of “username@businessname.onmicrosoft.com”.
  5. Tap “Continue”.
  6. At the prompt “Let this app access your info?” tap “Yes”. If you tap “No” you will have to sign in again and tap “Yes”.

The OneNote option in Settings should now say “online.” If not, please check your Internet connection and try logging onto the Microsoft account page again.

Sending notes to OneNote

To Auto-Send your notes, please see 83303 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Auto Send notebooks to OneNote or Evernote.

To manually send your notes, please see below.

Page View

  1. Once you’re logged in, select a page you’d like to send in Page View. You can also send multiple pages by tapping the notebook cover, tapping “Select” in the upper right, and tapping the thumbnails of the pages you want to send.
  2. Tap the Send icon in the lower left corner. This will bring up a Send dialog with the page number(s) indicated at the top.
  3. Tap the OneNote icon and your page(s) will be automatically sent up to your default OneNote notebook.

Feed View

  1. In Feed View, you can select one or more handwritten snippets (tap “Select” in the upper right for multiple snippets).
  2. Tap the Send icon (lower left), or tap the Chevron icon (“^”) and tap Send.
  3. Tap OneNote to send a snippet to OneNote. For multiple snippets, your selected snippets will be merged into one page and uploaded to OneNote.
  4. If you just select text you’ve ‘flipped over’ so that it’s digital text, then the transcribed text will be sent up to OneNote.

Organizing in OneNote

Now that you’ve sent notes up to OneNote, the next step is to organize them from OneNote.

  1. From your computer, launch the OneNote web app - https://office.live.com/start/default.aspx.
  2. Access your notebook (commonly titled “<UserFirstName>’s Notebook” or “My Notebook”.
  3. If you have OneNote Desktop installed and you want to move your uploaded Livescribe 3 notes to your computer, from the menu options in gray (FILE, HOME, INSERT, VIEW…) click on “OPEN IN ONENOTE”. This will open the OneNote Desktop app and transfer the notebook to your computer.
  4. On the left-hand side of the notebook (OneNote Web) / right-hand side of the notebook (OneNote Desktop), you’ll see an entry for each page or snippet you’ve sent up. Entries will have the Livescribe notebook number and page if you send a full page, or the date and time a snippet was created if you send a snippet. If you send up a pencast, you’ll see the Livescribe.pdf file embedded inside your notebook page. You can click on this for directions on how to play back the audio.
  5. Now you can edit, annotate and organize your notes like any other in OneNote, and your notes will sync across your OneNote software.

Additional Notes

  • PNG vs. PDF – Inside the Cloud Services panel are two “Send” Options, ‘Selected pages/snippets grouped in a single PDF,’ or ‘Each page/snipped sent as an image (PNG)’. Generally, OneNote accepts files as .png image files, and merges those directly into your notebooks, so this is the default. If you’d like to upload a complete notebook, or a large number of pages, you can combine those into a single Livescribe.pdf file. This will get uploaded to OneNote, and embedded inside a page.
  • History – In that same panel, you can select the History option to see a record of all the items you’ve sent up to OneNote. All the successfully uploaded items will have a blue check-mark next to them. If you don’t have a working Internet connection, items will be stored here, and sent when a network connection is available. If you want to cancel a pending upload, just tap the item, and select Yes when asked if you’d like to cancel sending that item. 
  • Pencasts – If you send up a Livescribe PDF file with recorded audio, OneNote will embed the file in a new page as a Livescribe Pencast. Right click the file and Save As to your desktop, then follow the directions in the file to play audio from the pencast. 
  • Open In – missing the traditional window with options to Open your pencast in apps like Dropbox, Box or PDF editing apps? At the bottom of the screen when you go to Send a file, select the Open In text, and you’ll see the traditional panel with AirDrop and a list of apps you can open your file in.

Questions about OneNote? For help from Microsoft for OneNote, please review the pages at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote-help/.

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