88001 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Smartpen LED turns blue then green after pairing with iOS/Android device

I can't get my smartpen to sync because after it pairs it un-pairs from the device.  How can I resolve this?

If you previously paired your iOS device with your smartpen but cannot consistently get it to sync because the LED turns blue but then changes to solid green:

  1. Shut down Livescribe+. 
  2. Turn off your smartpen and then turn it back on.
  3. Tap the "Device Pairing" button on the opening page of your Livescribe 3 notebook to put your pen back into pairing mode (blinking green LED).  If you don't have a notebook with the "Device Pairing" button but do have access to a color LaserJet printer, please see 60013 - LIVESCRIBE 3/WIFI - Printing free dot paper and controls
  4. Restart Livescribe+.
  5. Tap the smartpen icon in the upper right. 
  6. Swipe-scroll down to "PAIRED DEVICES".
  7. Tap on your device name to un-pair it.  If you see duplicate entries for the paired device you are using, tap on each one of the duplicate entries to remove them all.  
  8. Turn OFF your Livescribe 3 smartpen. 
  9. Shut down the Livescribe+ app (double-tap the device home button and swipe up on the Livescribe+ app window). 
  10. Turn ON your Livescribe 3 smartpen. 
  11. Tap the "Device Pairing" button on the front page of your Livescribe 3 notebook. 
  12. Run the Livescribe+ app again.    
  13. Tap "Pair" at the prompt to connect the smartpen.  If you do not see a prompt to Pair, tap the menu icon in the upper left and under Settings tap "Connect to Smartpen" and then tap "Pair". 

For iOS users, to prevent this from happening in the future, especially if you are in an environment with many Bluetooth devices, you can set a PIN code for the smartpen which will lock it to that device for pairing.  To do this, please see 83276 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Setting a PIN code on your Livescribe 3 smartpen to secure data.

If you still have an issue please see 88000 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Smartpen not pairing/syncing with Livescribe+.

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