83050 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Uninstalling Livescribe+ app - possible data loss

What happens if I uninstall the Livescribe+ app? Do I lose all of my data?

Unless you have backed up the Livescribe+ data on your iOS or Android device, if you uninstall Livescribe+ you will lose any audio recorded on that device and it cannot be recovered.  You will only lose your notes if you have deleted them from your pen by using the archive feature (83270 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Archiving Livescribe 3 notebooks) and have not backed up the static images on Evernote, Dropbox, Box or another share service.  If the notes are still on the pen they will transfer over the next time you install Livescribe+ and pair your pen.

iOS Devices :

If you want to back up your iOS data please see 84320 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Backing up iOS Livescribe+ data.

Android Devices :

If you want to back up your Android data please see 85300 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Backing up Android Livescribe+ data.

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