85400 - LIVESCRIBE 3/WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Notes look like scribble, as if smartpen ink cartridge was not taken off of page

After taking some notes and docking my smartpen, the notes that transferred to Livescribe+/Evernote/Livescribe Desktop look like I scribbled them, as if my smartpen ink cartridge was not taken off of the page.

If the notes that you transferred to Livescribe+ (Livescribe 3 smartpen), Evernote (Livescribe wifi smartpen), or Livescribe Desktop (Echo/Pulse smartpens) look like they are all linked together (as if your smartpen never left the page while you were writing), this can occur if the smartpen infrared light is staying on even when the ink cartridge is not pressing against the paper.  

NOTE:  If you have wrapped tape around any part of your ink cartridge to reduce the movement or sound of the cartridge while using it, this can cause the Force Sensing Relay to get stuck in the "on" position (26023 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Testing the smartpen optics / force sensing relay OR 28007 - WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Testing the smartpen optics / force sensing resistor).  Remove the tape and ANY residue from the ink cartridge to allow normal movement of the cartridge and prevent problems with the FSR. 

If wrapping tape around the cartridge did not cause the issue then try the following:

  1. Without removing the ink cartridge from your smartpen, grab the end of the cartridge, twist/turn it 90 degrees, and then test your smartpen by writing several words in your notebook while making sure to lift your smartpen off the paper between words.  Transfer your notes to Livescribe+/Evernote/Livescribe Desktop and review the page that transferred.  
  2. If you still have an issue, remove the ink cartridge and clean the outside of it. Make sure the ink cartridge is not bent by rolling it on a smooth surface (unlikely, but if it is then we need to replace it if you don't have spare ink cartridges), and if there is not an issue then place it back in the smartpen so you can try the writing test once more.  
  3. If there is still a problem, try a hard reset by accessing 28006 - Smartpen Hard Reset and try the writing test once more.

If the transferred writing still shows that all of the separate words are still connected by ink, please let us know as we will replace the smartpen if we can verify that it is still under warranty.

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