WIFI/ECHO/PULSE - Smartpen not holding a charge

I leave my smartpen docked to the charging cable for several hours but it turns off shortly after I undock it.  How can I correct this?

If your smartpen doesn't seem to be holding a charge:

  1. Plug your USB charging cable directly into a USB port on your computer, not into a USB port on a docking station, Hub, or monitor.  
  2. If your charging cable was already plugged directly into a USB port on your computer, try a different port.
  3. Verify the lightning bolt indicator is showing on the smartpen OLED display when docked to the charging cable (for an example please reference 20306 - What do the symbols on the smartpen OLED screen mean?).  If the lightning bolt does not appear there may be an issue with the charging cable.  Please contact us if this is the case.
  4. Verify your computer does not power down during the charging process due to your power settings.  Power settings can be adjusted for Windows 8, 7, and Vista by going to the Control Panel Home view and selecting "Hardware and Sound > Power Options".  From Vista Classic View select "Power Options".  For Windows XP Category View select "Performance and Maintenance > Power Options".  For XP Classic View select "Power Options".  For Mac (Intel based) OS 10.5+ select "Apple (icon) > System Preferences… > Hardware - Energy Saver > Battery".
  5. Make sure your system stays on while leaving the smartpen docked for 2.5 hours.  Otherwise the smartpen will not fully charge. 
  6. Undock your smartpen from the charging cable.  

If your smartpen does not hold a charge for the expected timeframe (please reference 20311 - How many hours can I use the smartpen before I need to charge the smartpen battery?) please let us know.

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