83267 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Using snippets (lines of notes)

What kind of things can I use snippets of notes for in Livescribe+?  

You can take individual lines of notes and use them in several ways (see below), but first you will need to access the "snippet", or line of notes, you intend to use.  To access a snippet:

  1. Run Livescribe+.
  2. Tap on the thumbnail of the page that contains the snippet.
  3. From the top menu bar, tap on "Feed" to access Feed view.
  4. Tap on a snippet to highlight it.

TIP:  To go to the bottom (most recent) snippet, double-tap the bottom snippet in the Feed view window to jump to the last snippet that was created in Livescribe+. 


To access the standard options, tap on the chevron icon ( ^ ) located on the bottom icon bar next to the trash icon.  This option will not appear unless you have selected/highlighted a snippet of notes.  You can also access these options by tapping and holding on the snippet until an option bar appears.  The options are: 

  • Copy - Copies the text version of the snippet so that you can paste it elsewhere.
  • Delete - Allows you to delete snippets or inserted attachments such as photos.  NOTE: Deleting a snippet will delete it from Feed, Page, and Pencast view. This is not recommended unless you are sure you will never need that snippet again.
  • Edit - Allows you edit the text version of the snippet.  For photos, this option allows you to add a note to the photo that is visible when you flip the photo by swiping from left to right.
  • Assign Tags - Allows you to tag the snippet which adds it to the Collections view accessible from the main menu.
  • Create Reminder - Adds the text version of the snippet to Reminders (there is no confirmation shown when this occurs).
  • Open in Reminders - Adds the text version of the snippet to Reminders and opens Reminders to show you the Reminders list.
  • Send - Displays the Share options.  For more details please see 84400 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Sharing (exporting) notes and audio from Livescribe+.  NOTE:  For additional share options you can also tap "Select" in the upper right corner, tap the radio button next to one or more snippets, and then tap the share icon in the lower left corner.  For steps on sharing editable text with Evernote please see 83302 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Exporting (sharing) editable text with Evernote.
  • Merge - This option only appears if you have tapped "Select" in the upper right area of Feed View and have tapped two or more snippet radio buttons to select them. If located on the same page, the Merge option allows two or more snippets to be merged into one combined snippet.  NOTE: If the snippets are synced with audio, new pages in Pencast view will be created for each merged snippet.  These pages can be accessed from the Pencast thumbnail view. 


Snippets of notes that have been transcribed to text (for steps on transcribing snippets, please see 83300 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Sharing (exporting) notes and audio from Livescribe+) will have the following additional options: 


If you write a date in your notebook, Livescribe+ should detect that.  If successfully detected, the date will be underlined.  Tap and hold on the underlined date for 3 seconds and the following options will appear: 

  • Create Event - Populates the "Add Event" window.  You can Title the event, set a Location, change the event from All Day to a set Start and End time, change the date, set it to Repeat, invite others to join the event, set an Alert, and show a status during the event.  These events appear in your Calendar.
  • Show in Calendar - Jumps to the date you tapped.  By selecting this option you can see what other events are set for that day.  NOTE:  This does not add an entry to the Calendar.  Calendar entries would require selecting the time of day and using the keyboard to manually enter the text.  The Create Event option (above) does the same thing.
  • Copy - Copies the date so that you can paste it elsewhere. 

Addresses and/or Phone Numbers 

If you write an address or phone number in your notebook, Livescribe+ should detect that.   

NOTE: For addresses, be sure to include the zip/postal code for better address recognition and map accuracy. 

If successfully detected, the address/phone number will be underlined.   

Tap on the underlined address.  Livescribe+ will open Maps, show the location of the address, and allow you to get directions. 

Tap and hold on the phone number for 3 seconds.  Upon release, the following options will appear: 

  • Send Message - This will open iMessage and allow you to send a text message to the phone number tapped. 
  • Add to Contacts - Allows you to create a new Contact or add the phone number to an existing Contact.
  • Copy - Allows you to copy the phone number to the iOS memory and paste it elsewhere.
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