20650 - LIVESCRIBE 3/WIFI - Livescribe Helper application downloads and system requirements

What is the Livescribe Helper application and how can I download the application software?

Livescribe Helper is a companion application for Mac and Windows that is designed to complete the initial activation and firmware update for your Livescribe wifi smartpen.  Future smartpen updates will be deployed wirelessly.  

Helper can also be used to: 

  • Manually sync Sky/wifi smartpen notes and audio when WiFi is not available
  • Manually update a Livescribe 3 smartpen when an update is not available using the Livescribe+ app 

You can download Livescribe Helper by clicking one of these Livescribe Helper links:

Download Livescribe Helper for Windows

Download Livescribe Helper for Mac

Livescribe Helper can be installed on: 

  • Intel-based Mac running OS 10.6.x or higher
  • Windows PC running Windows XP SP 3 (32-bit XP only - 64-bit XP not supported) or higher 

NOTE:  Tablets and Chromebooks are not supported.

After docking the smartpen and clicking the Helper "Install" button (if an update is available), the smartpen update will begin.

After docking the smartpen (Sky/wifi only) and clicking the Helper "Sync now" button, the smartpen notes and audio will sync with Evernote.

NOTE:  If you are having a problem using the  Livescribe Helper app to download the firmware and update your smartpen, please see:


29020 - WIFI - Windows manual firmware update utility

29120 - WIFI - Mac manual firmware update utility


29040 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Windows manual firmware update utility

29140 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Mac manual firmware update utility

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