Using multiple Livescribe notebooks at the same time and using two notebooks of the same number in a series

Can I use multiple Livescribe notebooks at the same time?  If I used one of every notebook for a series (e.g. No.’s 1-4 of the Single Subject Notebooks), can I use a new notebook of the same number in that series? 

Your Livescribe smartpen is capable of working with multiple kinds of Livescribe dot paper products at a time, although you should not use two of the same type and number at the same time.  For example, you can use a Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine #1, an A4 Grid Notebook No. 1, a Lined Journal No. 1, and a Single Subject Notebook No. 1 all at the same time.  This is because each dot paper product has a unique dot pattern for each page in each notebook.

Livescribe notebooks do not need to be used in any particular order either.  You can choose to start using Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine #2 before you use Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine #1. Or you can start the Single Subject Notebook #4 before using #3 or #1. *

Just remember -  to prevent your notes from merging, do not use two of the same numbered products simultaneously because they will have the same dot pattern (for example: don't use two #1 Moleskine Notebooks at the same time, or two No. 3 Single Subject Notebooks at the same time).

If you want to use the same notebook you have already used in a series, you must archive the original notebook to prevent the merging of data between the two notebooks.   

To do so, please see one of the following:

LIVESCRIBE 3 Smartpens:  Please see 83270 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Archiving Livescribe 3 notebooks.  

WIFI Smartpens:  Please see 82500 - WIFI - Freeing smartpen memory / archiving notebooks.

ECHO/PULSE Smartpens:  Please see 80404 - ECHO/PULSE - Archiving a notebook from an Echo or Pulse smartpen using Livescribe Desktop.

* The Notebooks by Moleskine numbers can be found embossed on the lower-left corner of the front of the notebooks.

There is only one Livescribe 3 Replacement Journal and it is not numbered.

The original Lined and Unlined Journal numbers can be found embossed on the lower right corner of the front of the journals.  

The Single Subject, Three Subject, A4, and A5 notebooks will show the notebook numbers on the top right of the front of the notebooks.

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