60005 - Checking Livescribe dot paper “TAP HERE BEFORE USE” label to prevent merged notes

To prevent merging of my notes, how do I check to make sure I am not using two of the same notebooks at the same time?

Each new Livescribe Dot Paper product has a Status Label wrapping the front edge of the new notebook.

Using the Status Label is the best way to tell if you are currently using a Livescribe Dot Paper product that has the same dot pattern.

Before you open a new Livescribe Dot Paper product, tap on its Status Label with your smartpen.

LIVESCRIBE 3 Smartpens / Aegir:  If the same notebook is already active, tapping on the label will archive it.  For details please see 83270 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Archiving Livescribe 3 notebooks.  

WIFI Smartpens:  If a message "This notebook is currently in use…" appears, double tap the sticker to start the archive process.  For complete instructions please see 82500 - WIFI - Freeing smartpen memory / archiving notebooks.

ECHO/PULSE Smartpens:  If a message "This notebook is currently in use…" appears, you will need to archive the notebook using Livescribe Desktop.  For instructions please see 80404 - ECHO/PULSE - Archiving a notebook from an Echo or Pulse smartpen using Livescribe Desktop.

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