ECHO- Resetting the smartpen Real Time Clock

How do I reset the smartpen Real Time Clock?

If you have been directed to this article by Livescribe Desktop then this message might not be related to the Real Time Clock on your smartpen.  

Mac Users -  the message may appear: 

Mac and Windows Users -  the message may appear:


If you still get an error when you connect your Echo or Pulse smartpen to Livescribe Desktop then the Real Time Clock (RTC) on your smartpen may have been corrupted and is preventing your data from transferring.  

When this extremely rare issue occurs you can:


  • Let us know you need the audio files and want to send us your smartpen to recover them.  When we get your smartpen we will burn the audio files that would not transfer to a DVD or provide a link to the files you can use to download them (just let us know your preference). The files will be in an AAC format that you play from iTunes or Windows Media Player.  This will not resolve the transfer issue but it will give you access to the audio files so that you can save them to your computer.
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