LIVESCRIBE+ - Smartpen not pairing/syncing with Livescribe+

I can't get my pen to pair and/or sync with Livescribe+.  Why?

If you cannot get your smartpen to pair or sync with Livescribe+ these steps should help.  

NOTE: For Android devices, if you have rooted the device AND updated the ROM to a non-standard/stock version, you may not be able to pair/sync properly with our Bluetooth Smart Low Energy smartpen as it does not use the Classic Bluetooth Settings of your device.  Taking your device back to a stock ROM version maybe the only solution if the steps below don't help.

If the LED is blinking green on your smartpen but the Livescribe+ app won't prompt you to Pair or respond when you tap "Connect to Smartpen" under Settings, make sure the iOS or Android device is compatible - 83002 - LIVESCRIBE+ - System requirements of Livescribe 3 smartpen and Livescribe+.

Also make sure Bluetooth has been enabled on your device by accessing 83105 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - How to turn on Bluetooth for your iOS device.

Smartpen Not Paired
If the device is compatible and Bluetooth is on but the app does not prompt to Pair: 

  1. Shut down the Livescribe+ app (83103 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Shutting down the Livescribe+ app).  If you have multiple devices, make sure Livescribe+ is shut down on all of them.  If you are using the Android version of Livescribe+, please also start and then shut down Livescribe Link.
  2. Disconnect the Livescribe 3 smartpen from its charging cable and turn it OFF.  If you have more than one Livescribe 3 smartpen, make sure each of them is disconnected and turned OFF.
  3. Turn the pen back on (only one if you have multiple smartpens).
  4. Tap the "Device Pairing" button on the first page of your Livescribe 3 notebook.  The LED should be blinking green.  If you do not have your Livescribe 3 notebook, you can print a Livescribe 3 Shortcut Card that has the "Device Pairing" button by accessing 60013 - LIVESCRIBE 3/WIFI - Printing free dot paper and controls.  If the LED does not start blinking green, please see 26023 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Testing the smartpen optics / force sensing relay (FSR).
  5. Start Livescribe+ (for Android, Livescribe Link does not need to be restarted).
  6. If you don't see a Livescribe+ prompt to Pair, turn the pen off and then back on, shut down the app and start it again.
  7. If still no prompt, tap the menu icon in the upper left of Livescribe+, scroll down and tap "Connect to Smartpen".
  8. If still no prompt and you have multiple Bluetooth Classic devices accessing your mobile device (e.g. headsets, portable speakers, etc.), just turn off these devices (no need to unpair) and try restarting Livescribe+. 
  9. If still no prompt, turn Bluetooth off on the iOS device, turn it back on, and restart Livescribe+.
  10. If still no prompt, power down the iOS/Android device and then power it back on and run Livescribe+ again.
  11. If still a problem, for iOS try resetting network connections on the device by accessing the device "Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings" and then attempt to pair once more.  For Android access "Settings > Wi-Fi", select each network and select "FORGET".
  12. Connect to your network.
  13. Try pairing once more. 

If still a problem then please let us know. 

Smartpen Is Paired But Not Syncing
If the pen appears to be paired due to the blue LED, but your written notes are not transferring, manually update the smartpen firmware by following the steps in one of these two articles:

29040 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Windows manual firmware update utility

29140 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Mac manual firmware update utility

If the firmware is current, the LED is blue, but new writing still won't transfer to Livescribe+, check the infrared light on the pen.  To do so please see 26023 - LIVESCRIBE 3 - Testing the smartpen optics / force sensing relay (FSR).

If the infrared light is functioning properly:


  1. Power down the smartpen.
  2. Shut down Livescribe+.  
  3. Start Livescribe+.
  4. Power on the smartpen. 


  1. Power down the smartpen.'
  2. Access the device "Settings > Apps > Livescribe+" option.
  3. Tap on "CLEAR CACHE".
  4. Tap on "FORCE STOP".
  5. Start Livescribe+.
  6. Power on the smartpen. 

If your notes still won't transfer, for iOS try assigning the notebook to Livescribe+ by following steps in 84321 - Assigning notebooks to Livescribe+ for iOS.

If you previously paired the device before with your smartpen but cannot consistently get it to sync because the LED turns blue but then changes to solid green, please see 88001 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Smartpen LED turns blue then green after pairing with iOS/Android device.

If you already paired to one device successfully but cannot get the smartpen to pair to a second device, please see 83101 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Pairing Livescribe 3 to multiple iOS 7 devices.

If the firmware is current but you have already paired with four other devices then you will need to un-pair one of those four devices before you can pair a new device.  Please see 83104 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Un-pairing Livescribe 3 from a device or multiple devices.

If still an issue, try resetting network connections on the device.  For iOS access the device "Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings", connect to your network again, and then attempt to pair once more.  For Android access "Settings > Wi-Fi", select each network and select "FORGET", connect to your network again, and then attempt to pair once more.  

Finally power down the device and power it back on.  Run Livescribe+ and try to pair.

If you still have an issue please let us know. 

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